Swift and obj c on replit

I have created a swift package in replit so I can import dependencies via Package.swift which works for importing packages such as Alamofire but if I want to import a package that is created in objective c I always get the error could not build c module or Foundation/Foundation.h not found

  1. Is this just an inherent problem with swift on Linux?
  2. Has anyone done this before and got it working or am I fighting a losing battle

Hi @Element1-15 . Thank you for your post and welcome to the community!

In order for the community to suggest ideas to help you solve your code issue it would be useful to share a link to your Repl.

Any error messages that you see appear when you attempt to run your code would also be useful to share here.

Repl is here


Thanks @Element1-15 the link doesn’t work. Have you set this as a private Repl?