Surprise billing for Replit Core (Hackers)

I previously used Hacker plan with my account at certain points in the year (student assessments). However I was charged today for Replit Core without consent. Do I email or is there a more relevant email address e.g. or similar?


I would use the help menus under the question mark on the top right because if you do it through that you get a higher priority


Got it. Thanks @not-ethan , hope you are doing well!


It should bill you the same amount as Hacker. You should get Core for the price of Hacker (at least for now) if you auto-renewed instead of paying the full price.


I understand, but I didn’t have my hacker plan turned on. So the charge came as a surprise.

It might be a glitch moving between the old Hacker plan and Core (Hackers) but that doesn’t make it right to take money out of bank accounts without permission.


I thought that it will be your current pricing for the rest of you billing term, and then bump you to the normal pricing.

Same thing. The current pricing is either Hacker (as in this case) or Pro (same price as Core AFAIK).

for 1 month, then $20 a month.

I don’t think that’s right. If you pay for a yearly plan it should last for more than a month. Do you have a paid plan?

No, but I thought he had a monthly plan as he said that he had hacker on and off.

Hey @IanAtCSTeach I’ll try to take a look at what happened here!
All others, please refer to this blog post for information about memberships migrated to Replit Core.


@IanAtCSTeach I’ll PM you!