Suggestion For Replit

Maybe if people have over 100 followers they get a certain amount of money? To reward them for their hard work

This would fix people quitting replit and trying to do lots of bountys to actually earn money

I was just trying to do bountys but never got accepted and i thought, i wish i could earn a bit of money from low as a pound up to however high i dont know what the maximum should be but i want to earn some money for me having a lot of followers. Maybe the more followers you have the more money you earn like 100 followers would get a pound or dollar 200 followers would get £5 people with more than that will get paid more. This woud make a lot of people excited about replit and getting paid for doing what they love. Coding. Thank you for your time.


That wont happen because follow bots are easy to make and we find them all the time.


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This is a fantastic idea, but this would result in Replit giving away a lot of money. Also, as @not-ethan said, follow bots aren’t that hard to make.


So, hear me out. There’s this thing called a “job”, where you’re rewarded for your hard work. It’s similar to the suggestion you’re making. Crazy, right?

Anyway, it’s not that hard to start a small side hustle. If you believe in your programming skills, start a business on a website or something. Then, instead of having to follow what Bounty posters say, you manage your own self, and you make money from it.

Even if you don’t do programming, there are websites like that let you do small gigs for some money.


While I do think something similar to YouTube monetizations would be cool, I think it would be based on runs, not followers

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That still wouldn’t work. Run bots definitely exist.

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As do YouTube ones. This would be a big project, but it’s not impossible.

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