Sudoku Solver in Python

Sudoku Solver

Using a efficient breadth-first search algorithm, this program can solve standard square Sudoku puzzles in under a second. It takes in a 2D array, representing a Sudoku grid, and will print the 2D array as a styled grid to the console.

Check it out here!


@RedCoder nice, I really like it! It would be cool if you made it so you could give options on puzzle sizes to do bigger than 9x9 if the user wanted to. It would also be cool to turn this into a websites and make it look cooler, or use some colors on your Python.

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@SalladShooter I’m thinking about how I could turn it into a site, but I’m working on accepting other types of Sudoku boards, such as Samurai sudoku, and other types.


Just released a new update that allows for the solver to solve other grid sizes, as long as they are still squares. This results in 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, 12x12, and even more sudoku grids to be solved!