Sudden increase in file size

Hey lads. My school is currently using Replit as an online IDE due to its convenience. We all have seperate accounts and typically create new repls for every question/task in our book. Before we left for our summer holidays, most of us had used about 1-2 GB of storage. Many of the repls were very basic python files with less than 100 lines of code, using the repl python template. However, after coming back from our holidays, most of us have now exceeded the free account storage limit, despite not making an extra 10 GB of files. It’s not feasible for our school to pay to upgrade all of our accounts and we would rather not delete a years worth of work and study material.

Is there any way of reverting the repls to before they were bloated? Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Thank you in advance.


Welcome to Ask! During the time you were away, Replit implemented 10GB storage limits per account. The Repls did not become bloated, but rather the account had limits set. I’m afraid you only have four choices:

  1. Delete Repls until you meet the storage limit
  2. Pay for more storage
  3. Delete the Replit accounts and then create new ones
  4. Leave Replit (please don’t :pleading_face:)

See this topic for more information:

You may also want to know that Replit now has outbound data transfer limits as well. Go to to view your resource usage (outbound data and storage).


Hey @DaireOBrien , welcome to the forums!
I’m so sorry to hear yhat you’ve hit the limits! (Please don’t leave Replit!)
You can switch to the new Python (Beta) template, as that stores less space in your acccount. You can move the larger projects there!
Hope this helps!

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Where are we on a tested and released solution to problem of Python bloat?

4 lines of Python code should not (ever) take up as much space as it does on replit.

For those of us who professionally use and pay for replit every day, what is the scalable solution to tamping down the bloat in Python repls, without needing to resort to beta software?

This is still a huge problem for me… .I pay for PRO now, and I am constantly trying to clean up issues like this from REPLIT every semester

The point is NOT that “I should just edit an env file or fork to a beta repl to fix it” etc…

I’m an educator that spends weeks and weeks every semester to fix REPL issues across hundreds of repls that represent my content for my courses.
These issues are introduced or exacerbated by REPLIT infrastructure changes, not by my own waste or negligence in usage or not following the rules. Every platform needs to evolve, and we all benefit from that, but needing to pay and “pay” each semester just to keep things working the way they used to work feels capricious on replits part.

I love replit, but “hurting the teacher” seems antithetical to replit’s reison-d’etre.

I’m happy to pay for services rendered, but the bloat problem needs a fix that does not put the pain on the user, esp if I am not just a hacker, but actively paying the PRO category and trying to use REPLIT as a professional solution that is stable, reliable, predictable.