Students publishing websites?

Hi. I’m new to using replit. Can you tell me, if students create python flask websites, do they have to publish them somehow to make them visible for testing or review? How is it done? Thanks!

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To view the website in your browser, you should be able to see their websites as long as the Repl is running.

As for seeing their code, I’m not entirely sure since I’ve never used it.

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No. Also, it’s not even possible to publish Repls in a Team for EDU AFAIK.

Can you see a student’s website when they aren’t logged in to Replit?

if they aren’t logged in, it’s possible as long as the repl has been run at least once. For example, if you go to and run it from cover page to ensure it’s up then go to it should be viewable

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Yes, them being logged in won’t matter. As long as you have the right permissions (which if their Repl is in the Team then you should be able to see it), then it doesn’t matter if they’re logged in, offline, online, on vacation, etc.

Yeah as I said

And a lot of times just visiting the website URL will boot it back up (which happens when I send GET requests programmatically to my Node.js Repls).

It would be the other way around I believe,

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