Students in a team set up for U13 being asked to verify email to submit a project

I’ve set up a new class team and ticked the box to say U13 students are included. When they click on the link to join the class they are correctly only asked for a username and password and can join the team successfully but when they try to submit their project a red box appears saying email verification is needed. What is going wrong and how can I resolve this?

Hi @MrsCT , welcome to the forums!
Is it possible for the students to verify their account via email?

I’m having the same problem. The student can’t verify their accounts via email because the whole point of the U13 student setup is that there is no email address attached to student accounts - just a username and a password.

I’m also having trouble with this setup because when they try to log in at home, it requires an email login (they can’t log in with just the username and password they created for the U13 setup at school). Instead, they end up clicking the invitation again and making another account with a new username, thus jamming up the works when it comes to user management.

Any tips here on why this is happening or how to work with U13 teams?

As Abigail says below the whole point with U13s is that they don’t need an email address or to give personal details.