Students cannot log in

When my students try and log in it tells them that as you have enhanced your security they need to use an email address which they don’t have as they have student accounts. Please could you address this.

Hi @estaves, the email field should be pre-populated with their student “email” after seeing this this message. Is that not what your students are seeing?

When you set up accounts for younger students they do not give an email address due to GDPR


When you click this option:


The message says Please log in with your email address, which we've provided below.... When these privacy users try to sign in, the email input should be automatically populated with their dummy emails, which are their usernames, and I’m wondering if that’s not what they’re seeing.

I see!

I think it just threw us as we had not seen this before.

Thank-you for explaining it.

Has anything been done to remove / allow teachers to manage the AI feature from their Teams?

Many thanks