Student code says forked


I am new to teams and using it with high school students. I post Java templates with instructions for students to create the code. As I am reviewing some student submissions, I am seeing below the " In progress (not submitted) " a message that says " Forked 22nd Sep". From my research I have read that it means code has been copied - but is there a way to see how? or from where? The history seems to show the code being typed in. Thanks!

Forked is a Replit term which means that the original template was “copied” to a student-accessible repl. This does not indicate plagiarism, but that they’ve copied the lesson template.


When creating a Teams for Edu project, the student’s Repls will essentially “fork” your teacher version of the project to create a version that only teachers and that student can access. This does not necessarily mean it was copied from somewhere else.


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