Stuck on a "Working" Loop

Good day to all, hopefully you guys can help me…

Problem description: Whenever I try to run my Twitter bot, it just does an unlimited working loop and never actually runs. I’ve tried on both my Windows PC and my Pixel 6 Pro, as well as using both my internet and mobile data but to no avail.

Expected behavior: The code should run without problems.

Actual behavior: “Working” is continuously showing without the code actually running.

Steps to reproduce: Just by running the code.

Bug appears at this link:

Browser: Chrome Version 120.0.6099.109 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS: Windows 11 22H2 22621.2861 (Android 14 on Mobile)
Device: Windows PC (Google Pixel 6 Pro on Mobile)
Plan: Free

Perhaps try moving everything to a new repl, which has better configuration. Prybar interpreter might have some problems.

Create a new python repl. Download your repl as zip, and upload the files and folders to the new repl. Also copy in your pyproject.toml.

Or, you could copy in the configuration from a new repl to your original repl. Copy in .replit and replit.nix files, then delete venv folder and type poetry install in shell.

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This is happening to me too. If i create a new Repl, I can run the first coding attempt, but any after the first one just gets stuck in a working loop.

Is it a new bug?

As you can see from the “Interpret” session label (instead of “Run”), the repl uses old configuration, which may have some problems.

Usually, with that configuration you may type code in the console after your file ends. But you have an exit() which probably messes this up.

Using exit() in your repl can cause the problem you are facing. Avoid using exit(), and instead let the execution end naturally. (There are a few ways to do this for your code.)


That’s fascinating, thank you.

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