Strange repeating logs - [INFO] Handling signal: winch

I have a very basic Python Flask application and when I click Run I get multiple lines in the console log :
[INFO] Handling signal: winch

The app works… but I didn’t see these lines in the logs yesterday, and I haven’t changed anything.

Here’s a screenshot
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Note, I’ve seen other help topics indicating that in the past, this might have been related to using a .co URL instead of .dev but I’m using .dev as you can see in the screenshot.

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code snippet
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SIGWINCH means Signal Window Change, which implies that your program is responding to window resize operations, etc. I have found a stackoverflow answer regarding SIGWINCH:

You can ignore all information regarding gunicorn, but the main point is that winch has something to do with terminal resizing.


Thx, but I’m not sure why this signal would be happening if I’m not resizing the terminal window, unless resizing means something different than I think.

Is resizing the terminal the same as resizing any other window? If so, I’m not doing that. So I’m confused why the system thinks the terminal is being resized. I apologize if this is a noob question.

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Maybe it doesn’t matter.

I started a fresh replit flask, changed nothing, and I see the same output in the Console when I run.

When I deploy my code as an autoscale and look at the logs, all seems fine.

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