Storage calculations
Whoa what?This thing with only like less than 100 lines of code uses like a hundred megabytes?

Python Repls require a virtual environment to run. All python Repls come with a pre-set venv folder (show hidden files by clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner of the filetree) which takes up a lot of storage.


Can it regenerate(i.e i want to delete it)

Hi @imcute-aaaa you can delete the Repl from your My repls page by clicking on the three dots to the right of the Repl name and selecting Delete.


the venv folder stores the modules and the python environment; your best bet is to uninstall all unnecessary packages (chances are, you don’t need numpy)

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I mean,I wantto keep MY code but not those werid packages

The code may have some issues running if you don’t have the correct packages but you are welcome to remove folders and see if it still works.

I recommend forking your own project first before editing the folders containing the packages, just in case the Repl stops working.

Yes, it is possible to regenerate a Repl’s virtual environment while keeping the original code (python files, etc).

You can delete the venv folder in a python Repl.
Without it, your Repl will not run.

You can run this command in the shell to regenerate your Repl’s virtual environment:
curl | bash