"Start button" compiler is slower thant debugger

In my text based game I use a function to print characters one by one. It works well when I dubugg it but as soon as I use the “START” button to launch every sentence slows down after 20ish characters, it become really “laggy”, any idea why ?

repl : Calcifer and the Dark Castle v4 - Replit

You can fid the function in headers/display.h

It’s a bug in replits console. Try running the code locally and if the error is still there then it is something with your code… however I’m pretty sure this is just replit’s console glitching out, it does that for a lot of my text based projects as well but they run perfectly fine everywhere else.

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Thank you for that answer !
./main seems to do the trick. Is there any way to make it so that when I press the RUN button it only does ./main ?

c++ should be the same, but I’m not 100% sure. In a Golang repl I just delete everything out of the .replit file and replace it with run="./main"