Start a server to see the hosted output

i couldn’t connect my Facebook page. Can anybody help? I’m new about this. Thank you

Hello @synergixkiel!

If your server is not live, you can deploy it using Replit Deployments.

may I ask what should be put into the URL? because I don’t have my own server

What is specifically your issue?

I couldn’t connect it to my Facebook page with the webhook verification

Thanks for the information. Does your repl give an error?

There is no error to my Rep.

Interesting. Try deploying your repl.

its successfully deployed but still on my developer facebook page it appears " The callback URL or verify token couldn’t be validated. Please verify the provided information or try again later."

Can you elaborate a bit more what you’re trying to do? Are you wanting to make a Facebook login system on your site, or manage a page programmatically?

i want to integrate my openai to my facebook page

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So the latter. Can you send your code or your Repl so we can see what it’s trying to do? Also what page is that popup menu on?

See below on how to share your code:

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