Specific functions not working

I am probably getting ahead of myself, here. I wanted to build a page where a user can select a function for a page (ultimately it would be a box in a grid (something like css grid) where they can open up the option and select from a list of choices the function of that box. I used chatbox gpt to write the code for/with me. It should work, but as i am not a subscribed user on replit i think it may be i cant use certain functions. The code is designed to have a drop down menu the user can select between making notes with simple text, or use the grid to draw on as a canvass.

I can screen shot the code if necessary which uses jquery (even though i have not worked out what that is yet :shushing_face:

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@chrishg23

Hi @chrishg23.

What programming language are you using?

Replit has no limitations for what functions in code work just because you are a free user.

Can you send the link to your Repl?


Ok i was getting ahead of myself, i think my 1st try at this was a bust, but if it goes wrong i have to go to home pagevand reload my repl… i forgot tocdo this after i made changed… it seems to work after reload. Which is a good thing :+1: i cant draw on the canvas area but i think that is the code is designed for pc use to drwa with a mouse not an ipad that i am using.

I am sorry for the post and will set as this reply being the solution


Now i can start breaking down the code and learn from it…. Thanx replit for being a greatblearning tool. I hope to repay the favour one day

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