Some1 is stealing

So i have a bot and hosting here today i got a messgae from him saying that he has my token and all of my repls and stock all what i have is his discord username and he is stealing more servers and he is using a code that all information that i have.

You should do the following things:

  1. Invalidate all tokens that could have been stolen (not exactly sure how Discord bots work but I’d think a password reset would do it).
  2. In the future, store all private information in Secrets so that naughty users can’t steal it.
  • Since you have a free Replit account, all your repls are public. Do you mean he gained access to your Replit account? Change your password immediately.
  • What do you mean by “stock”?

Remember that ALL repls you create are public to the ENTIRE internet, even people without Replit accounts. You can change this by purchasing the Replit Core then making your repls private one by one. Secrets are a free way to store information without using private repls.


Stock of my gen bot
And i cant change this

IIRC there’s a button in the Dev portal to reset the token.

He alr stole everything

Yes, but you could reset it which would make their key useless.

I had gen bot so he took every accoybt u had

Can you please explain what you mean? Why can’t you invalidate the token? Did you lose access to your account? What is a “gen” bot?

I stopped the token but i was hosting a bot that gen accounts and he stole it and i had alot of slef nade projects and he got it with a simple code

Repls are public unless you get a paid plan and set them to private. Also repls are created under the MIT liscense which means anyone can steal your public code and do whatever they want with it without giving you credit. Replit encourages remixing code which is why all public repls have a “fork” button.

See this topic for more information on the subject:


Hi @Ziadgaming8!

If there is a way to report this user, you should. You did mention that you had this person’s Discord, could you report it? I am not sure if that is possible, but I just wanted to ask.

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What do you mean by “gen accounts”?

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:woman_shrugging: maybe “gen” is short for “generate”? like automatically creating accounts with code? Idk


Ziad is discussing a Discord bot that searches through a stock and “generates” an account. For example, if the stock is full of Disney accounts, it will return a random Disney account. I’m not entirely sure, but this seems to be my best guess and perhaps the only logical assumption. However, I believe this violates TOS so. :person_shrugging: