Solve the problem of GPT generated bounty proposals

It looks like there are a large amount of proposals on bounties with GPT generated proposals.

I don’t have a proposed solution, but I think it would be good to inform bounty posters if a proposal is likely AI generated, or come up with some other way to deal with the issue.


Though I cannot speak for others, I am fully capable of speaking in a manner which reflects higher literary standards and could be mistaken for chatGPT.
Basically, just because they talk nice doesn’t mean they’re an AI, though they probably are in some cases.


I don’t determine whether a prompt is AI by their literary standards.

The AI-generated prompts are usually overspecified in an AI-specific way. Here’s a bounty with an application I would consider AI-generated
(I don’t want to specifically call out the user, so I will link to all of the applicants, and you can come to your own conclusion)

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