Socket io tutorial problem?
module http is not found???

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  1. choose a more descriptive title
  2. describe what the errors look like
  3. you mistyped “http” as “htttp”,fix it
  4. no offense,but to my experience,you don’t put so obvious problems on the forums in the snap community
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i dont see result

(omg so quick?another problem just after 2 minutes???)

  1. you may just use that original topic
    2.i would be surprised if you had an output because you did not app.listen() and the code ran to an end,stopping the thread

sorry for lots of dumb questions,maybe i didnt have nuff sleep last night

I already marked a solution on that topic…

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you could revoke the solution(although if that guy was really grumpy he might be angry,because maybe he thinks that he deserves the solution for the original answer but then other people answer the other question and get the solution)and ask and give solution to current answer

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btw it’s breaking the Guidelines if you make a post that already exists

Rule # Rule Name Rule Description Action taken if broken
6 Don’t post duplicate topics Please search before creating a new topic to avoid creating redundant posts. Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics. Topic being deleted and/or warning

Is it ok if I post topics that are related but not the same



wow you just broke my brain

(btw I’m just joking so don’t be shocked)

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Why are there 2 solutions



@joecooldoo Qwerty merged the topics.


Well, kind of. It’s a good idea to do a Google search before posting on a forums website, but especially with beginners, it’s honestly a lot easier to ask questions on a forum, rather than scramble through a bunch of Stack Overflow posts and hope one works.

Confusing questions that Google may not provide related results for are a lot easier to post on a forum, especially considering you can’t provide code, or may not know what certain terms are or what keywords to use to get the needed response.

(Also, what is the Snap Community?)


Ask @joecooldoo.



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