So, my game looks horrendous

My game ( or has seasonal updates. New Years is coming up. if you go to the link, you can see my attempt at the most ugly new years update ever. Can anyone give me ideas for new years themed colors?

I was thinking some gold/yellow for confetti, maybe some red or orange to compliment to gold.

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Can you specify what to change? The background? edit: i made the background an image. opinions?

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Confetti instead of snow? Or gold-outlined buttons?

@BluebayStudios At /christmas on mobile, it gets cut-off:

I’m not really sure how to use confetti, and I’ll try the buttons. You can see the new years beta at the link.

It looks pretty solid, but you need to find a better way to loop that background. The sudden repeat once you scroll is…weird. You could even just make the rest of the page below the buildings the same color as the buildings.

Yeah :laughing: I tried fixing it in css, but it made it even more scuffed.

I feel like it would look like the buildings are really tall.

I guess. I would probably do a gradient from the building color into another…maybe darker color then.

btw, im working on trying to fix your christmas page css but idk if i can :sweat_smile:

I stole borrowed code from a github repository, but I can’t remember which one.

I’m joking with the reaction btw. I made a countdown like years ago for my sister’s birthday, but it’s like, nowhere as simple as yours. Mine is crazy complex and idek why.

Cool. Is there any way to keep the background locked? Like it stays immobile?

You could make a div/img tag with position:fixed; and z-index:-1 (or -2 since your snow particles are on -1) and just have a fallback background color in case the image doesn’t load.

(There’s also probably a way to do it with background-*, but that was just the first “creative” idea that came to mind.)

Sooo, couldn’t fix much, but I basically stripped it down to the fundamentals:

Also, do you need help playing the Christmas song?

The christmas song plays. It’s a bit janky though.

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I love Nerds! (The candy lol)

The color scheme is a bit bad. I also recommend increasing the width as it’s a bit thin.

Otherwise, it’s great! I love the effects :D

Yeah, I’m still working on the new update, but you can find the official release at

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omg i love your pixel art, try making it stick, and don’t change a thing.

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Make buy boxes in a grid on desktop so you can buy stuff without scrolling a lot or in your case flex direction row and wrap content
Something like this would do with some fixing of text positions of course:

.center {
    display: flex;
    text-align: center;
    flex-wrap: wrap;
    justify-content: center;

This also makes it fully responsive :eyes: