Skipping lessons in 100DoC?

I consider myself somewhat familiar with Python, or at least more than your average newbie. Is there a way for me to skip to Day 66 (GUI with Tkinter)?

So far I have managed to read the tutorial up to Day 27, mostly to find typos (some reports were made at corresponding posts, although they are most certainly ignored). The process of going through previous lessons is so tedious that at some point I actually considered writing a Selenium bot to do that for me…

Sure, I can just watch the videos directly on YouTube, but what’s the point if I have to use my own local machine? I’m not sure if I will be able to keep doing this until 66. Should I proceed with the bot instead?

100DoC doesn’t check what you submit as finished code, so you could simply submit print("hello world") on each lesson you’d like to skip.

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I found out that you actually put nothing at all and click submit and move on :laughing:.

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Still, I will have to click about 40 more. I wonder what’s the point of making learners going through levels one by one. They (or we) should be allowed to learn at their (or our) own pace.


Fast forward to the future, I have finally written it. Lesson skippers, you may find it here on GitHub.

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