Should I Learn Web3 Stuff

I’ve been thinking about learning some Web3 stuff what’s your opinion?

  • No, don’t even try.
  • It’s okay but you shouldn’t waste time learning it.
  • I don’t know.
  • Maybe try learning it later on it isn’t that advanced yet.
  • Yes, start learning it right away.

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Unless you want to try to get some of those “web3” (really just mostly brute-forcing hashes for income) bounties on replit, it’s not even worth trying to.

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First, start with GoLang, & learn gRPC.

Both CSS and Javascript animations are a quagmire, so it’s better to use an IDE like ; ; or even Adobe Animate. Even the expired “Flash mx 2004” offers smoother development experience than CSS/JS animations.

Also, learn C programming to code in CGo, making your GoLang programs (incl. gRPC API calls) much faster, with C libraries.

Then, implement QUIC in Golang and you get HTTP3/web3