Should I change my username?

So on all my other accounts across the internet, my name is DarkOutcast6. Should I update my replit username to DarkOutcast6 or keep it as is?

Should I change my username?
  • Use DarkOutcast6
  • Use DarkOutcast
  • Keep RedCoder
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My first thought: you can only change your username ONCE. PERIOD. No matter how old your account is, you only get the one change. So let that influence your decision. To affect Ask, you’ll have to log out and then back in, but all your @mentions on Ask should update. On mainsite ( your @mentions will not update, and there will be a bunch of @mentions for an account that does not exist. You will keep your cycles, followers, etc. Personally, I prefer “RedCoder”, but it is the other reasons which persuade me so heavily to advise against changing your username unless absolutely necessary.
BTW I can spam ping @mentions as many times as I want because I own that account. It is an awesome alt to have.


I’m not saying changing my username like that – I just mean changing my name on replit and ask.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. The username is pretty much irrelevant on Ask as Discourse uses mostly your @ mention name, not your username. On mainsite, do as you please.


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wait I’ve seen a username change hack (change username >once), tell me if it works:

That did not work for me.

hmm, it showed up for my alt, but did the CLUI “show up” for you?

I already changed it once so the option is no more. This is what I get when I click your link.

hmm thats weird I got the popup

I guess they patched it, I swear I saw it before.

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They probably did; they don’t want users bypassing stuff.

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