Shortcut key for moving between editor and console panes

I have 3 panes open, from left to right:

  1. Files and Tools
  2. Editor
  3. Console

I’m writing python code that involves getting user input from the console. I’d like to be in the editor pane writing that code and then, after I run it, switch my cursor focus to the console, so I can enter that input and see what happens.

Currently I’m using my mouse to click into the console and type the input. Is there a keyboard shortcut I could use for this, so I don’t have to use my mouse?

I have looked in the keyboard shortcuts in settings, and posts in this forum, but couldn’t find an answer. It seems like a fairly basic functionality, so please accept my apologies if I’ve missed it!

Thanks in advance folks.

You can either use or tabs.previous:

or repl.showConsole:

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Switch to next/previous tab seems to work fine to move between tabs that are all in one pane, such as the Console and Shell tabs in this screenshot. But it doesn’t seem to work to go to the Editor tab, presumably because it’s in a different pane.

What am I missing? :smile:

You can use paneGroup.focus*:


Thank you @haroon, that’s brilliant! :dizzy:

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