Shortcut for comment/uncomment not working on non-US keyboards

Problem description:
Shortcut to toggle comment on/off is on a mac CMD + / This works on a US keyboard but not on a non-US keyboard like Swiss German. Here / ist Shift + 7, so the shortcut would be obviously CMD + shift + 7

Expected behavior:
Toggle comment

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:
Just try it out with a different keyboard layout on your computer. Switching in the OS to a US keyboard works.

Bug appears at this link:

Brave/Safari on MacOS


I couldn’t quite understand what keys you were trying to press. Taking a look at the layout of a german keyboard, you could theoretically use the Command key on a mac the same way you would with a US keyboard.

Would you mind sending me a photo of your keyboard and what keys you are pressing to run the commenting keyboard shortcut?

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This works on other Editors like Sublime or VS Code, where Command + / is used to comment.

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Thanks for the report, I’ve passed this along to the engineering team.

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Hello, any news on this topic. I also have the same keyboard. Very frustrating.

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I’m sorry, I don’t believe we’ve gotten much progress on this. The engineering team is very busy right now, so unfortunately I can’t tell you when this will get fixed.


Why this is not fixed?
Most useful shortcut does not work. :frowning:
Even Cmd+K+C does not work.

I didn’t even know they ever HAD a shortcut for that.

I think I found a workaround.
The reason it does not work is because Cmd + Shift + 7 is used for the Browser ( in my case help tab for Chrome)

However you can remap the shortcut within replit to an unmapped combination.
You need to go to User Settings select the tab “Keyboard Shortcuts” next to the “Editor preferences” tab, and scroll down until you see “Toggle comment” and change the default shortcut for whatever works for you. It’s almost at the end of the list.

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