Sharing a Teams project with another Team the lesson folder/ is not visible


I want to set up new Teams with projects I used last year. I can share the project and all the files are imported to the new Team. As a teacher I can see the lesson folder and open the but when I log in as a test student to that Team I can not see the lesson folder and so can not open the instructions.

As a teacher i tried dragging the file from the lesson folder to just in the files section and when I logged in as a student I could now see and open this file but ideally I don’t want to have to do that with all of the projects for all the Teams, it would be better if they had access to the lesson folder and better still if it automatically opened just like the original project does for them.

Many thanks

Hey @missmayhead, welcome to the community!

Students are not supposed to see that folder and Instead, they should see an “Instructions” tab:

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Ok I get that they shouldn’t see the lesson folder but my issue is that they don’t have the instruction tab.

The original project I create does work and the instruction tab opens automatically. if I share the project to another team I can see in the lesson folder but when a student opens the project to work on the is not available to them. I even tried to open a new tab and open markdown but there is nothing there.


Hahaha I feel like an absolute muppet.

You know what it is, there is a delay in the instruction tab opening.

I waited 4 minutes still instructions did not show, closed it opened it again still not there, probably taking up to 10 minutes for the instructions to appear. This is obviously not going to be useful in a classroom.

Also how do you open the instructions so they sit as a tab in the righthand side with the shell. If I try to drag it over they just open in a new third pane.

Thank you for all your amazing help by the way.

You can drag it until your mouse is next to the Console pane, or on the words. There should be a red bar at the words ‘Console’ and ‘Shell’.

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Thank you for your advice re-opening instructions - I figured it out that I needed to drag it next to the words shell in the pane. But nice to have confirmation.

My main issue that still persists is the length of time it takes for the instruction tab to appear and that there does not appear to be any way to speed this up.

This is the instructions in my lesson folder

This is the student opening the same lesson - instructions still not showing after 2 mins

Finally after 2 mins they popped up

This is way too long for students to wait for instructions to appear. Can this be changed?

I just thought I would add this to my post in case it helps others. So I saw on a similar post you recommended adding a .tutorial folder with a copy of the

This works as a good back up if the take a long time to load. Better to have the instructions available in 2 locations than not at all. :grinning:

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