Sever not running continuously

I have created an AI Chatbot using replit, voiceflow and chatgpt.

i purchased replit core and went for the reserved vm deployment. despite that, when i close my browser on which replit is open, my chatbot shuts down.

I am a beginner and any help is appreciated, thanks.

Hello @iimindorechatbo!

Replit Core does not pay for Reserved VM deployments; therefore, you will have to connect a credit card to pay for Reserved VM deployments. Replit is planning on adding Reserved VM deployments to Replit Core, but you will have to wait until the update happens.


I already have a debit card linked with which I had purchased Replit core, it shows up in my account section as well. How do i link a credit card? please reply as soon as you can, thanks.

Can this bot be accessed on other platforms (e.g. Discord, Telegram)? If not, there’s no point delloying it if it is a console-based application. Others must fork it to run.
Is it a website?

I have used VoiceFlow and ChatGPT to make an ai chatbot, which is integrated to my website. When i have replit open, the chatbot on my website runs perfectly, but when i close replit, the chatbot gives an error. any help is appreciated, thanks.

Just to confirm, that repl is a webserver?
If it is, try deploying it as Autoscale.

Did you deploy your project?

I’m having the same problem. For anyone curious, replit is using the openAI API so that chat-gpt can be hosted in a chatbot on voiceflow (which is displayed on the website using a script).

Hey! @iimindorechatbo I solved this issue for me at least. The URL copied from replit to voiceflow is the URL of the test project. After you deploy the project in replit, you get a new URL where the deployed app is running, this is the URL you need to paste into voiceflow after deploying.


my initial and post deployment url is same, i just checked. still cant get it to work

If you try to redeploy the replit and change the deployment URL to something different than the pre deployment URL