Setting publication time?

Is there anyway to set the publication date for a project? Like in Canvas, where an assignment has a “Available from” date? That would be very helpful, when I don’t want students to see an assignment before I’ve had a chance to talk about it.

Why can’t you just manually publish it since there could be different class to class due to questions.

I can do it manually – but there’s a lot happening before and during class, and if I can get some of that automated it would enable me to concentrate on other matters.

Took a look and I don’t think this is possible. I don’t know how you school and computers work and how you run your class but if there is a software where you can lock your students computers you can publish it but lock their computer so they cant work on it until you are done teaching

Hi @mprogers thanks for your suggestion. That’s a really good idea - I’m imagining similar to schedule posts in a VLE?

So instead of published on/off it would be something like

published on/off/schedule ?

Yes, Publish, Unpublish, and Publish at _______ on ______, where the first _____ would be the time, the second the date.

I think that could be really good. If other teachers would also find this useful please click on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl and click on Suggest Feedback to highlight this with the Replit team.