Self-Grouping Not Working?

It’s very likely that I’ve done something wrong but when I setup a team repl as a group project with self-grouping, students are unable to make their own groups. They only have the option to join existing groups.

For more clarity: I setup a team repl with groups max sized at 2 (pairs). The first student started the project and then when a second student started the project, it only let them join the first student’s group. There was no option for going solo or making their own group. Then when other students started the project, they were forced to join pre-existing groups only.

How can I set this up so students have a CHOICE as to which groups they join or go solo?

Many thanks and apologies if the answer is right in front of my face…

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For anyone else reading my issue - it seems to be a screen resolution issue. The school Chromebooks are unable to display the “Add Group” button unless students change the zoom level from 100% to something else.

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For Replit I think a fix would be is overflow: scroll. So they can just scroll to the button.

Agreed. Or just put the button at the top - in the panel. Doesn’t need to be floating. K.I.S.S.
The screen resolution giving us issues is 1366x768.

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