Seeking Solutions to Reduce C++ Compilation Time on Replit

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently encountered an issue while working on C++ projects in Replit. I’ve noticed that the compilation and execution time for even simple C++ programs is significantly longer than expected, approximately one minute per program. This delay contrasts sharply with experiences shared by others in tutorials and forums, where similar tasks are completed almost instantaneously.

Interestingly, in a tutorial I’m following, the instructor accesses a console that allows for direct command-line compilation and execution, which seems much faster. However, in my Replit environment, I’m limited to using the “Run” button at the top of the IDE, without access to any interactive console or prompt for quicker compilation commands.

I’m reaching out to ask if anyone has experienced similar issues or has suggestions on how to enable a more efficient workflow for C++ on Replit. Specifically, I’m looking for ways to access a command-line console for direct compilation and execution or any settings that might reduce the compilation time.

Thank you in advance for your advice and assistance!

Have you tried the Shell tab?