Secrets section inside Tools has disappeared

I can no longer see the Secrets section inside of Tools. I have restarted my repl and looked inside extensions and packages for it but it is gone.

Press the plus icon to open a new tab, and from there, search for “secrets”, but the tool should be there, it’s icon is a lock and it’s white

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Hey @d3287t328 , please provide a link. I’ll fork it and see if I can see it. (lol)

IIRC HTML/CSS/JS projects don’t have secrets but I’ll check.

Edit: I was right. HTML/CSS/JS doesn’t have the Secrets feature. Makes sense, logically. Please specify if you have a different type of project.


Im not the person whos having the issue, but I was asking him if he could actually see the secrets tab

Doxr was right, I opened in a typescript project so I am good now, thanks!

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