Secret Keys not working on other accounts

I have a repl that uses a secret key to access a database. but the key is not working if I switch to another account.

Here is the error I get when running from another account

Hey, @edy131109 welcome to the forums!

Databases do not transfer when its forked.

Yeah but listen it’s a little complex. So I publish my repl and then switch to another account/device if I access the same repl the database is empty it doesn’t have the data from my other account so I used a database key to keep it to the same database but now I have to hide the key otherwise people can change the data inside my database and I don’t want that. So how would I do that?

Hey @edy131109!

Replit Database is meant to be used on a single Repl. If you want to use Replit DB outside of the Repl or with more than one Repl, we recommend building an API server on the repl and using that. Here is an example package that might fit your needs: marebol-db - npm


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