Search Engine Collaboration

I’m thinking about making a search engine, anyone want to collaborate?

Could you give more information on this?
(Btw there is a googlesearch Python module that I have used on Colab following a tutorial to search items on Google. There isn’t a googlesearch package on PyPi, though, but the closest is pygooglesearch but there isn’t a search() function unlike googlesearch.

Can’t give too much info on this, as I haven’t developed anything yet.

This will completely be made from scratch (not the language lol). Python will definitely not be used.

Will it be completely written from scratch, like a specific word gives you self-written articles? Or… a selenium-based repl to search Chrome? Or a web scraper to scrape a search?

It’s gonna crawl sites, look for keywords and use an algorithm to rank pages.

Erm is that legal? How and what are you going to use for a crawler?

It’s legal, that’s how search engines work. I’ve actually already made a crawler, though it’s extremely slow and doesn’t have proper error handling.

Absolutely! Always wanted to learn more about crawlers & how to make search engines

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Will be providing details on


Sure, would it be on Replit?


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Sorry, I won’t be able to do it then. Sounds like a cool project though.

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Sorry about this, but I’ve temporarily paused the project. The AMC tilde is down rn, so I don’t have anywhere to host. I’ll be coming back to this project in a few weeks, sry @QwertyQwerty88 and @NateDhaliwal .