Running .py files in Repl files

When I open a new repl python file. It has file in it. When I open a new file in the Repl file and press RUN the prosess run file not my second new python file. Am I have to open new file for all new .py file to Run them?

Welcome to the forums.

It can only run one file at a time, and you can change the file to run like this:

  1. Go to the Files section.
  2. Press the three dots, and press show hidden files.
  3. Go to .replit, and go to the entrypoint variable. It should look like
entrypoint = ""
  1. Change its value to your new file. It should now look like this:
entrypoint = ""

That should work! If it did, mark this post as the solution! :smiley:


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