Run button being replaced by the Fork button? (Or am I going crazy?!?)


So yesterday I was able to run/test my game from my alt account that doesn’t have editing access to my repl on this account. I went to go test it again today with my alt account and the run button seems to have been replaced with the Fork button?!? I swear the run button used to be where the Fork button is now.

I already clicked on the three dots and it only shows a “report” option for me. Where is the run button now?


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Bro the same thing is happening to me :sob

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You are seeing the result of a recent update to Replit. It affected the cover pages of all repls. The launch button and comments were removed from them, and the repl code is now displayed on the page instead of the cover image. Now, to launch someone else’s repl, you need to fork it by clicking on the big Fork button, and launch the already forked repl.

If you want to know more, read the first post of this topic:

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@KAlexK thx for the help

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Comment section is very important where we talk with people and also solve their problems it is a quickly way to do it . Most important in our #100DaysOfCode by @codewithharry is our course and his repl’s cover page we summit over solution . At this point how we summit and also people give suggestion on cover page that is not going more
My humble request to #REPLIT that please bring back comment section and also #RUN_BUTTON

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Well, you could give suggestions on Showcase projects here on Replit Ask.

I don’t know if you will be able to. You could try, as I don’t think Replit would remove the ability to do that, but then again a lot of good things are getting caught in the crossfire.

Yes, the comment section was great to give feedback and help, so Replit Ask will become the main source of this (it was already used to help people with problems).

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Ahh , means comment section is not being back . I am so sad but what I can do . I really miss comment section !
I think replit can work on comment section but they don’t want to work on it so they remove it and work on different thing that is good but …
Again , think on comment section and if they can please bring it back


For more information, checkout the blogpost:

Also what about RUN button ? this is not a big deal

So they think it best that you get to see the code rather than just run it. To run it, you got to fork it, and then run inside the editor. I don’t like this decision, I don’t unlike it as much as comments being removed, but I don’t like it…

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So how does someone who isn’t a member run a replit? Do they really have to sign up, fork the project, then run it in an editor? Terrible decision if that’s the case. Considering dropping my subscription over this.


yes that’s what they have to do to run the repl


Running after forking is stupidly stupid stupid.

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Replit going crazy they thought that they are doing good but many people offend by replit crazy move (Removing Comment and Run button) . I thought that I refer Replit to other but I not do it anymore !!! :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

I think you should consider dropping your subscription in that case…

??? (He was already)

My workflow is heavily affected by this

For educational purposes i’m considering as an alternative since it’s faster for my students to share their work and do not requires me to have a bunch of outdated projects and trash in my account just jump & run on every environment

Also faster setup and more closer to the daily reality of a development environment, maybe it’s helpful for someone else in the same situation