Robot responses on the forum

I wasn’t talking about eaglercraft clients. I am talking about the “robot responses” that the mods like you use. I just accidentally replied to the wrong comment.


It’s not just Moderators that use the Canned Replies, its everyone TL3+ that are able to use them.


Sorry, I mistook TL3 members as moderators.


Boston didn’t say they were against the ToS, though.

I know that Boston didn’t say that, and I didn’t say that Boston said that.


Then why mention it?

No one talked about ToS before this (except talking about Eaglercraft).

Anyway, this is going nowhere.


@boston2029 Why on earth are you defining what we can or cannot do with these templates? If we make a mistake, ok, you can pm us or ask a question, but there’s no need to single us out and point fingers at us.
What’s the problem about these templates? It isn’t a life-or-death thing.
I’m just speaking my mind, wanted to say this for a while now. Sorry if I’m being rude.

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What a drama this is. Let me grab :popcorn:

Like children in the playground.

I just don’t want to be talking with robots. Not really a drama.

And who is supposed to be robot here? Know such thing like canned replies? Used more and more often.

@boston2029 ?

I know this is a bit old but still gonna put it here


There you go.

Hello everyone. Let’s keep this on-topic, and please don’t target and individuals who are using canned replies. If you have constructive feedback, please share it, but otherwise, leet’s keep it from going off-topic. Thank you!


Please calm down and remember the Community Standards.

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I think that this topic should be closed because there is nothing wrong or really up to debate about robot responses. People can recall ideas that they created beforehand if they want (they don’t even have to use canned replies, it could be a mental note, or a google doc), and that’s their decision.


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