Robot responses on the forum

How so? It explains that it’s not a bug and that they need to fork or run a deployed version.


Why reinvent the wheel? If there’s a suitable explanation why create a new one? Templates are easier than finding a relevant post because they have their own category on Ask. I would strongly advocate that users try to avoid using templates because I agree with you and @bigminiboss that personalization is important but there are some cases where templates are the best option.

If users fail to fill out the template when submitting a bug report, for example, then we’ll respond with our own template because they didn’t provide much information and it’s a convenient way to handle the situation. In that case, OP started it. Then as I said before there are times when the template is the most relevant post.

As other people have stated we will tweak templates as needed on the fly to customize them for individual topics. In addition, not every look-alike post on the forum is a template. For example, I often post Welcome to Ask! Can you please provide the link to your repl so we can take a look? That is not a template. I hand type that each time. I don’t however change the wording because I find that message sufficient and re-wording it would be at best a waste of energy and at worst confusing.

Regardless I feel like you are insulting hardworking forum volunteers because they took advantage of the tools given to them to optimize their workload and create a more efficient forum.


There was absolutely no context on that one, so I posted one asking for more information. What would you have had me do?


They were asking for help to fix their code since it wasn’t working correctly, the OP tried inviting me and Nate to the Repl to help out.


The issue wasn’t something wrong with their code, all they had to do was type something in the input.


Which a few of us were trying to help explain, probably too many of us at once tbh.


This is getting ridiculous.

“oh having humans do bot responses is less error” Yeah why do I keep finding terrible responses like this one? It’s getting on my nerves. If you guys are gonna use these, use them right!!!

There’s a template for that too.

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That’s for clients though, right? Or is it just detecting that you’re using it for that thingy, so it bansdisallows it?

Just clients are banned. We should update that.


you need the repl link to see if it includes the client or not. This post is reasonable.
Possibilities with Repl link:

  1. Breaks ToS because the code breaks ToS
  2. False positive

Possibilities without Repl link:

  1. False positive
  2. Positive bc eaglercraft
  3. Positive bc proxy
  4. Too resource-heavy
  5. Positive bc something else
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True. And THAT’S why I don’t use a template. More often than not, they’re not that good


Well Ethan’s first post was the “the reason traditional hosting…” terrible template, but OP already posted a Repl link anyway…

Would you mind confirming the post that you are referencing? I’m looking at this:

EDIT: I wasn’t here before, and i don’t know if OP put a repl link already.

I think he edited it. It had the traditional hosting template before.

yea, if it was the hosting template, then I would agree (assuming that it wasn’t a misclick)

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Even then, it’s hard to misclick if you are truly taking time to answer.

They did post the link.

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Why are you making this such a big deal? It is just a template that the mods use to answer common questions faster and easier. This doesn’t even violate the tos…

It does, though? EaglerCraft clients are against the ToS.