Revert history through commands, view history of a file from shell, option to not flood user's cache with all histories when checking history

It’s actually 3 feature requests but similar, so I sum them in this one
Describe your feature request
Add a command that reverts history to certain frame
Add a command that can view history of a file (like cat, but past version of file instead of current)
Add an option in user settings that loads only an amount of history when checking, instead of flooding all of them into user’s cache and potentially crashing their browser

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
users using replit with low-end device and old/big projects, their browsers might crash when they try to view/revert history of a file because of the size of all history added together just loads into user’s cache, causing refresh/crash

This can reduce the stress of their device when checking history, they can use longer load time in exchange of smaller load to their device&cache when viewing history

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
my browser literally crash when one time I tried to revert my big project into a few versions earlier, my device is low end so it doesn’t have a good ram and cache. This issue still persists on big project. The only 2 solution to this currently is change to a mid/high end device to use replit, or fork the project which voids all the previous history.

Smoothness when using file history improves user experience, but too much on a weak device may create the exact opposite, this for example, completely crashing the browser and ruin their day.


where would you do this?

when you are using low end device?
for example my ipad lol

no i mean where as in where in the ui not when, like where would this command be incorperated?

in the shell?

maybe put those commands in /usr/bin so we can directly use them
the name… idk you guys decide

Fun fact, there’s already a CLI replit tool in the Shell, if you’re adding more it should probably go with that somehow.