Return to replit opening screen

Just getting started with Replit. First impression: navigation is opaque! In particular, can’t find a button or way to go back to initial screen, where I can choose a different language and make new replit. I see this question has already been answered, saying “There should be an exit button at top right of screen.” But there is no such button on my screen. And if there is somewhere, it shouldn’t say “exit”, which should mean exiting from the app (or online program) entirely, the equivalent of “shutting down”. Moreover – totally incomprehensible – if I close the app (actually “exit”) and open it again, it opens to where I left off!! Which I do not want, because I was trying to use “exit” and restart as an awkward way to start afresh. I assume these problems are same with replit online (I’ve tried this on the downloaded app).

Hi @bwcrain!
Could you please provide screenshots so we can assist you better? Thanks!

Hello @brcrain, what do you mean by “initial screen”? Like, the screen where you see your repls and the button to create one or something else?

As @CoderShayan said, it would be awesome if you provided screenshots so we could help you.

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