Request to update of the software

Hello. I wanted to request that the software rensposible for compilation, interpretation, etc. of code would become urgently globally updated to their latest versions.


The main reasons of need upgrade:

  • fixes for vurnabilities
  • fixes of some issues
  • adding of new fuctionalities and features
  • expanding of code base
  • etc.

Hey, @mcgiwer!
What do you want updated?

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I think that OP wants to upgrade the interpreter, such as Python, NodeJS, or clang. I don’t think that its possible since Replit would have to upgrade their nix environment as well.

It is entirely possible to “upgrade” the nix environment manually via the channel variable in hidden file .replit"unstable" and "stable-23_11" are currently the most recent channels.
For example, one can run python 3.12 fine (except certain python packages may fail):
Python 3.11 is also available with no downsides.

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that as well, but it would be great if the whole environment would become updated as well.

It’s obvious that this would increase the efficency and reduce any possible negative impact on both, the replit and host. Additionally, it may even add new things to them :wink: