ReplWiki: A wiki about Replit projects that anyone can edit!

So I made a wiki named ReplWiki using MediaWiki. It is a wiki to showcase and explain your (and other’s) Replit projects.

A full list of the rules can be found at ReplWiki:Rules - ReplWiki.

If you wish to create an account (which you don’t have to in order to edit), use the same username as your Replit username.

Please note that MediaWiki does use your IP address if you edit without an account.


Dang, I got hit with a technical difficulties web-page.


Yes, I know. Something’s wrong. Going to re-setup.

@Sky It’s back up now.

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Oh no it’s down again.

@haroon Could this possibly be a problem with your template?

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Doesn’t seem to be. The main reason I can think of is that the repl’s folder name is not the same as the repl’s name (e.g. you typed in /home/replwiki/database but it’s actually /home/ReplWiki/database)

If you wouldn’t mind, could you invite me to the Repl so I can help fix it?


You mean /home/runner/replwiki/database and /home/runner/ReplWiki/database, correct?

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Yeah, I’m tired and forgot how the directories work


Should be up now, just note no pages exist anymore and you’ll have to recreate your account

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Great. I created my account. It seems you’re the only admin, can you promote me to admin?

also is ReplWiki a good name (potentially hinting towards official endorsement from Replit)?

Idk, really. I don’t think anyone will care.

Apparently, replit did, in another case.

No, I don't think I will.

Just kidding, gave you the bureaucrat role


Hopefully this forum lasts!

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@cldprv @haroon He’s blocked.

Should’ve asked him what his replit username was on his talk page first :roll_eyes:


I had more reasons to ban him before that. He was 11, which isn’t allowed.

EDIT: Oh wait do you mean so that you can ban him on mainsite?

His replit username is : @Spcfork (It is written on his Ask account)