Replit's Package Managing Problems

For me, Replit has a big problem with package managing. By getting rid of apt and using nix instead, they make me have to jump through hoops every single time I want to install a program that needs system packages. I would love it if Replit allowed people to use apt if they wanted to, because it would solve so many problems. This was the only way I found that I could submit an appeal.

Unfortunately, Replit will not give out sudo access to your repls (e.g. escaping your repl’s virtual environment sandbox). However, there are usually nix version that you can use, and by simply running the command, it wiil prompt you to install that program.

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The System Dependencies tool assists in managing these kinds of packages.
Also, replit now has automatic system package installation when you install a normal package, only when using certain installation methods.

If you install a package via the Packages tool, the system packages for it will be automatically installed. This works for most packages (specifically, the package should be common enough to be present in the nix repository).
If automatic package installation occurs, from when you import the package in your code, it will also do the same thing.


I know that I could use Nix, but there are three problems with it:

  1. Whenever I try to use it, it seems not to have the correct package. I have to go hunting to find the package I need.
  2. Whenever I have to run an apt install, I have to search around Nix for the packages manually
  3. Programs that automatically install packages don’t work, because Replit prevents them from installing.

I know that Replit will never allow people to use Sudo, but I think it would be helpful to add accessibility to apt.