Replit webview only shows link as /

So I want to run a replit discord bot 24/7 and saw this guide to do it for free. The link only displays as a / and I can‘t keep it running 24/7. I‘ve saw a post from November 2023 which stated that you need to deploy it now. Is that true and if so, is there any other free way to host a discord bot (python)?

code snippet

Hi @anon95792746 , welcome to the forums!

You’ll need to open the Website in a new tab and copy the full url.

Also, you can’t host it on Replit for free now.


Thank you! So if I use the full url (using Flask) and load the website every 5min with services like UptimeRobot. Then it won‘t continue running right?

Hi @anon95792746 !
Pingers will no longer work, and the url that you get will only run when you run the repl in the editor. So no, UptimeRobot won’t work.


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