Replit teams not able to have static sites

Question: I have a core subscription and a teams subscription. With deployments, I’m only able to create reserved vm deployments. I have a static site (2 html files) and I’m unable to select that deployment type because I’m doing it through my team.

If I attempt to create a reserved vm for static html, then I get an error message stating html is not supported in reserved vm types.

Since is going away and you want us to use deployments, do you have a recommended alternative for hosting static deployment in a team context? I do not want to host static under my personal context. In addition, I want people to be able to fork and configure this repl for their own use so having a deployment is a nice option to have a running example.

Thank you,

Jeff G


Hey @goldbergjeffrey!

As stated in the hint underneath the deployment picker, we do not currently support Static Deployments for Teams.

Edit: We only support Reserved VM deployments for Teams right now.

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@ShaneAtReplit , ok, so what do you recommend? Run it as static under personal? Is there a roadmap item to allow this? Is there a reason why it isn’t possible today? I’m seeking to understand my options and why they are what they are.

The hint doesn’t supply a satisfactory answer relative to the problem I’m experiencing.


Hey @goldbergjeffrey!

So sorry for the delay on this.

Supporting Deployments for Teams is definitely on our roadmap, but we don’t have an ETA yet. As for right now, you can host your static Deployment on your personal account, and if you need collaborators, invite them via multiplayer.