Replit Services

I noticed on the bounty page something called Services. From what I see its basicly portfolios for specific things like discord bots or websites. I love it! What do you think? And how can you make a service?


Can you provide a screenshot? I went to and I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I guess its A/B testing

BRO THAT’S PRIVATE oh my gosh a community mod doesn’t know how to keep secrets for beta testing only

Yeah I don’t have that yet. I even toggled Explorer and didn’t have that.

I was told nothing about this beta or anything. Just found it. Betas would say Beta on it somewhere not new

It took awhile for some people to get the new UI (which they’re never going to reverse despite 86 votes :angry:), so it would make sense that it takes awhile for some people to get this.

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… bro if it hasn’t rolled out for everyone, assume beta

never mind it’s rolled out for me XD sorry