Replit projects take too long

Why do replits take so long to load after I reload the page?
Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:
It keeps saying “I can’t post a link to that host” or whatever. In case you wanted to know it’s not a proxy
Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

Code Snippet:
I cant post a code snippet without being able to see my code

I think this post should be taken to Replit Help.

Did it work properly before, if I may ask? Have you tried checking your internet connection? Also, Replit is at the moment recovering from an incident that affected some users, so that might’ve been the issue for you. for more info.

Try the following:

  1. Clearing cookies + browser cache, or using incognito
  2. Using a different browser
  3. Using a different device
  4. Using a different wifi network/internet connection