Replit Profile Bot

I made an cool Replit Bot (as I know it doesn’t violate any of Replit’s Terms of Services) That update its bio every 1 Minute to the latest person who followed him,
I’ve been looking to make an Replit bot for a long time and I made something little.
Check it out ^^

(not open-sourced)


Yeah I already made that XD

you obviously copied me before i even made it

wait thats good because if it violates the terms of services I won’t be the only one to get warned

Is that a joke or what?

jokes purpose only :grin:

BTW can I check the code because I already have the schema for it so I need to vet

What’s a Schema? Is that GraphQL related thing?

How did you get the schema?

Wait this isn’t with GQL??

I’ve heard that Replit’s GraphQL has been abused and no longer documented so I didn’t waste time on getting GraphQL

oohhh this isn’t with GQL? lol ok then you’re good to go sorry to bother

Wdym? What happened to GraphQL?

Nothing we’re just not allowed to talk about it or give it out so

Oh, I went to and it gave me straight error :skull_and_crossbones:

(also I used selenium & python)

Oh ok yeah there are special things you need to do to go to the GQL place

I don’t know how to use GraphQL at all

ok yeah :smiley: have a nice day

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Thanks! You too. :smiley: :smiley:

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Very polite conversation.

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So your bot scrapes the info? Nice :slight_smile: