Replit output being unusable pygame repl

My framerate is 90 but its streaming very very slow, my internet is fine, and so is my game. Even with barely any blocks the streaming speed is unbearable. The entire video I was making inputs to the vm but it was very unresponsive.

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Your video (Screen recording 2023-05-11 7.53.35 AM.webm - VEED) would not load and it stayed on a blank screen? Can you please upload another version of the video? Thank you!

Help - YouTube i had to rerecord it bc i couldnt access it either

replit is frustratingly slow and i really need to get this resolved, i can barely tell what stuff is doing it’s that bad. I need to test moving objects in an isometric game and i have a fan in there and i do know know whether its moving the object away from it because of the speed being so bad, i know it’s not my game.

You complain about pygame … I made simple console game, on Replit it lags.
So I did some basic experiments doing console refresh with vanilla python … barely better.
Replit is unusable for games running on it, it only makes sense if it is made with JS as it runs on the client.
I will try also with c++, but hope is pretty low. Then I might just stick with python and have fun and assume they runs better locally

It always runs better locally i expect some latency from online ides but not to the point where it was unusable. I work on my game at school when i have free time but i can barely do that with testing my code which i need to do. It used to work perfectly fine.

Same here. From one week to another all went from working fine to lag badly. I fear Replit has changed the CPU definition and it is much less than before. They should disclose and define same base performance metric for CPU.

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