Replit notifications

Problem description

When I try to view notifications , it doesn’t appear although it was showing 1 notification. I am experiencing it from last 2-3 days. Very much problem it is .

Expected behavior

Notifications should be shown after I click the notification Icon.

Actual behavior

It shows empty immediately I click it and no unread or read notifications are appearing.

Steps to reproduce

Should be solved by replit so that we can easily use it.




Windows 10

Device if mobile




“Very much problem it is” you sound kinda like yoda

It also does it for me, just reload the page.


I reload but notifications go away and not even the read one , where can I see that notifications?

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You can go here and click on the “All” toggle:

Its not showing the notifications I recieved in last three days. Not at all.

@noumanarshad159 What kind of notifications are you missing? My user is seeing bounty application notifications, usage-based notifications, invites, etc. The only one I am not getting is Bounty chat notifications.

For example, I just invited your user (noumanarshad159) to one of my Repls. Did you get that notification?

Yeah exactly,only bounty chat notifications are missing

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Again same problem is coming

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@noumanarshad159 This should be fixed now. I just tested and verified but you’re welcome to test as well when you have an opportunity.

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