Replit not waking up, We ran into an internal error

When I try to launch my PHP and Node.JS project I get this:

They work fine when launched using the start button, but when I just visit the url that happens. Here’s an example:
This just started happening today.

Hey @SpaceSaver2000 welcome to the forums.

I think it may have been caused by this outage thought I am not 100% sure.

It’s still happening and, as always, says all systems are a go! :roll_eyes:

Ok. Can you please provide a link to the cover page so we can look at the code?

The problem is to do with this line of code:

… because that repl isn’t running.

Shouldn’t it wake up when a request is made to it though?

Now I’m getting 502 errors when I try to open the Replit.

Hi @SpaceSaver2000 do you own the Repl you are trying to trigger? If so please post the link here

I believe it’s this one:

Thanks @SpaceSaver2000 I have been able to replicate the issue here and have logged it with Replit Support as I cannot get any error messages / trace the line of code which causes the issue.

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