Replit Not Found

When I run my HTML and CSS on my website it simply says Replit Not Found. I have reloaded the page, exited the replit and even shut off the computer.

Just to make sure, you have an index.html file in the root of your project, correct?

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Do you mind also linking us your Repl if it’s public?


Yes, the project has barely been edited yet. It is not in a folder or renamed

It seems to work when popped into new tab

Kinda strange, but I forked it and saw the Not Found, but clicking Run seemed to actually show the website. This was a bug a few months ago, so I’m surprised you’re seeing it now, but that should fix it.

About 30 minutes after I sent this post it worked again but now it is showing the same screen and clicking run reloads it, but it goes back to that page